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About Us

I think a picture is worth a thousand words so I'm going to share some of my favorites with you all! You'll all be able to see my journey of growing and building not only Sass and Sparkle Mobile Boutique but also growing a baby!
I had the grand opening of my truck in November 2016 and found out I was pregnant in December 2016 lol. I was determined to succeed, so a growing baby bump didn't slow me down! I was blessed with a pretty easy pregnancy but unfortunately the delivery didn't go as smoothly (but that's another story for another day).
Here is a photo of me at my first official event as Sass and Sparkle Mobile Boutique in August of 2016
This photo was taken on August 8 2016 which was the day we picked up the truck that would become Sass and Sparkle Mobile Boutique. I decided to call her Fancy! 
This photo was taken on November 20, 2016 at the grand opening of the truck. The little girl in the photo is my niece and she was so excited she asked if she could help me cut the ribbon.
We found out I was pregnant the day after Christmas (December 2016)
We kept the exciting news to ourselves for a while....
After we had our first Dr's appointment to make sure everything looked good we decided to share our good news! (February 2017)
April 2017 we found out we were welcoming a little boy!
April was also the first time I took the truck and my growing bump out on the road for an event!
The picture was taken at my first event of the 2017 season at The Purple Cat Winery in Chepachet RI
In June 2017 I traveled (at 6 months pregnant) to Dallas Texas to attend the first ever Boutique Summit hosted by The Boutique Hub. This is when everything clicked for me. I was surrounded by 300+ successful boutique owners and that's when I realized I made the right choice, these were my people! The loved their boutiques, they loved their customers and most importantly they all supported eachother!
My amazing husband traveled with me and attended all the trainings!
(You want to talk about an amazing support system)
June, July and August were filled with many events and new faces!
My little man was so spoiled at my baby shower, I used the truck to haul all the gifts home!
My little bundle of joy arrived (5 days early) on August 31, 2017
Ryatt David
As if that day couldn't get any better... I checked my phone for the first time since I arrived at the hospital 29 hours earlier (I mentioned it wasn't an easy delivery lol) and I had dozens of missed calls and texts congratulating me for winning!!
winning what you might ask...? 
I was in shock! I was a new business owner and never thought that I would even win in the Best Mobile Boutique category nevermind winning Best Overall Boutique in the entire state of Rhode Island.
So now that i've hit all the big milestones i'll give you a quick overview of how this business idea I threw at my husband one night became my reality!
I worked corporate retail for 10+ years and I was good at it. I wasn't loving going in to work everyday and for me that was an issue. I'm a very happy person so to work somewhere or for someone who sucked the life out of me was not ok with me.
I decided I was going to open a Fashion Truck and was 100% sure I could make it successful. My husband was slightly skeptical, not that he wasn't supportive, but I had a good job with a steady paycheck and taking a leap of faith was nerve racking.
We took a trip to see my best friend and I told her my idea. She looked at me and said (very matter of fact) " What are you waiting for, just do it". Within hours of her saying that we began creating my logo.
My husband put some feelers out and before we knew it a friend of my husbands had a truck for sale and the price was right.
Once I had the truck I called in the professionals AKA my Dad and Uncle. I told them my vision for what the truck would look like and then they told me what I could actually afford lol.
My husband and his friend went through all the mechanicals and made sure everything was safe. My Dad and Uncle did the entire buildout on the inside of the truck. My Mom, Mother in law and friends helped me decorate and merchandise.
Sass and Sparkle Mobile Boutique is a complete labor of love. My family and friends are so amazing and supportive. I have the best customers in the world and I love getting to meet so many of you at events with my Truck!
Launching this website is so exciting for me because my wonderful customers asked for it. To think that you all love Sass and Sparkle as much as I do makes my heart so happy!
Thank you to every single person who has played a part in the growth and success of Sass and Sparkle Mobile Boutique!